• We continue on towards a bright, beautiful and conquering future for all children in Africa

IMBA was set up in 2004 as a with the intention of being a residential care home for orphaned and vulnerable children. We have had many triumphs and successes over the years, thanks mainly to our undying support base in Zimbabwe and the Netherlands. We have undertaken ambitious and exciting fundraising campaigns, managed to acquire land, built an amazing centre for children, run successful self help programmes and organized festivals and events reaching thousands of kids.

We are grateful favour has run with us and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be embarking on our second decade of contribution with the wind firmly in our sails. Granted we have faced our challenges especially in the beginning and we stand here today as a testament to our team’s dedication, grit and determination to prevail, especially when odds were stacked away from us.

Ronald & Marijke (2)“We continue on towards a bright, beautiful, conquering future for the most disadvantaged children in Africa. We are determined to make a change and work to advance the impact of our activities on behalf of the children, families, our staff and partners.Thank you for dropping by and please do not hesitate to get in touch even if just to say hi.”

Ronald & Marijke

Our vision

We envisage a child friendly world and and a bright future for all children

Our approach



At IMBA we firmly believe that to have a positive impact on the lives of children, we need to focus on all aspects of a child’s life. Therefore we approach our development programmes in an integrated way. We focus on the material, as well as the psychological welfare of the children. Field studies show the importance of psychosocial support, which is the process of meeting a child’s emotional, social, mental, spiritual and creative outlet needs. All these are essential elements of positive human development. It is needed by all children and promotes their psychological and emotional wellbeing as well as their physical and mental development.


IMBA recognizes that children’s rights and needs are the primary focus for development. It is our belief that children are only able to realize their full potential if their best interests are at the heart of everything we do and if children themselves actively participate in the process.

Family care

Community involvement

Community involvement

A child grows and develops not in a vacuum but as part of a family, a community, a culture and a nation. The knowledge, attitudes, practices and skills of primary caregivers and families and the resources available to them are of utmost importance to children.Our approach aims to enhance the capacity of children, families and their communities, facilitating them to analyse their problems, underlying issues and resources, and design program interventions that fulfil the rights of children.

IMBA Netherlands

IMBA Netherlands’ goal is to support IMBA in Zimbabwe with technical and financial assistance. Its main task is to raise funds and awareness for the development of IMBA in Zimbabwe.

Bestuur IMBA NL

IMBA International

is the overarching organization for IMBA. It monitors and protects IMBA’s overall vision and mission and guides IMBA Netherlands and IMBA Zimbabwe in their efforts to reach the organization’s goal.

IMBA Malawi

IMBA Malawi is currently being set up and will be empowering women and their children in Mpemba District, Blantyre, Malawi.

IMBA Zimbabwe

IMBA Zimbabwe is responsible for the strategic direction and daily running of the programmes that care for and empower the most vulnerable children and their families in Seke Rural and Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe.

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Annual reports

IMBA International

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IMBA Zimbabwe

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IMBA Malawi

Enid Maluka

Project Coordinator


IMBA Netherlands 

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