• We provide a home-feel care solution @ IMBA and household strengthening for families in the community

Child & family care @ IMBA

At IMBA we provide a home-feel care solution for those children that have been left to their own fate and have no close living relatives. Our family homes run on a model that has a set of parents looking after the affairs of eight children. Experience has shaped our intention towards functioning more as a transitory home for children. They now find a home at IMBA from the time they are removed from a vulnerable living situation, until they can be placed back within a family in the community.

Our reunification programme – in partnership with Social Services – strives to continually bring together children with relatives who may only have learned of the children’s fate recently. When they have opted to adopt them into their household on the basis of established family ties, we hand them the tools and guidance they need to provide for them in our Community Based Child Care Programme.

Child & family care in the community

Our Community Based Child Care programme goes hand in hand with our Economic Empowerment programming. We support households in the community looking after children that would otherwise be housed in institutional child care settings. As such children will grow up in situations that are settled for life, without physically and psychologically uprooting them from their naturally adapted environment. Economic independence goes a long way in providing some of the necessities that raising children demands.

Growing, sewing & knitting

IMBA recognises the sense of purpose and worth that having employment brings, as well as the obvious financial benefits. We have largely built on the communities’ strengths in small scale farming, clothing manufacturing and crafts production. We work together with households to steadily build up income generating activities revolving around market gardening, livestock rearing and food processing to increase their food security.

Our activities are formulated to be flexible enough for women with other commitments, like our current knitting project in collaboration with Gogo Olive. Being a part of Gogo Olive gives our ladies the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families and to experience the independence that comes with this.

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