• Families are handed the tools and knowledge to increase their food security and income levels

Poverty is recognized as a major contributing factor to the plight of some of society’s most vulnerable children, and that’s why economic empowerment is a central concern to us. O​ne of our founding visions is to foster economic mobility for the communities supporting children we work with.

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Economic empowerment

New partnerships

Our projects seek to travel the extra miles to ensure long term settlement enabling development of every young person’s full potential. Through new partnerships that we are exploring concurrently, we will be widening our scope of activity to get grassroots motion on matters of economic emancipation.

Self help

Self reliance

Currently we run an integrated approach to hand people the tools to achieve self sustenance that enable them to care for children in our community based family care programme. Our activities include women’s knitting and sewing self help group, chicken raising, goat keeping, rabbit breeding, vegetable market gardening, fruit plantation, and mushroom growing.

Vegetable garden

Personal development

As a side programme to help us implement our projects smoother we have identified areas where parallel development enhances the impact of our core programmes. Workshops we organize focus on the children themselves to equip them with extra curricular tools for strengthening their main avenues of exploration. We work on areas that contribute to building self esteem, confidence, effective communication, practical life skills, early career guidance and basic financial literacy.

Strengthening families

A lot of trainings we conduct focus on the families of the children and work on strengthening their knowledge base on child’s rights, parenting, water & sanitation and other health related issues.



We also run workshops in child care, hygiene and sanitation, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, HIV prevention and other community targeted themes to run alongside our child centred programming. This holistic approach ensures that we can have smoother cooperation between all stakeholders within the community.

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