• Women enthusiastically knit for Gogo Olive @ IMBA for a better future for the children under their care

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Here you can see for yourself what is being made in Zimbabwe and @IMBA! Each art piece and product is completely handmade and unique. 100% of the sales revenues are being returned to IMBA’s projects and beneficiaries!

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Gogo Olive

IMBA and Gogo Olive have ventured into a fruitful partnership in 2010. 10 Local women that look after a larger-than-average number of children in their home setting enthusiastically knit for Gogo Olive. Besides creating employment the aim is to give them hope as they have the opportunity to use their craft skills to build a future for themselves and their families.

Knitting was chosen as it only requires basic materials and can be done anywhere and at anytime, which suits the lifestyle of a Zimbabwean woman!

It’s a win-win!
Get yourself one of those beautifully knitted products made by Gogo-Olive @ IMBA and contribute to the livelihoods of these women and their families! www.gogo-olive.com

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