• With only improvised goal posts, a makeshift ball and a pair of sneakers to share, a game is born


With a low participation threshold requiring only an improvised goal posts, makeshift ball and a pair of sneakers to share, a game is born. Our soccer programme at IMBA has come a long way since those first days and is now Chitungwiza famous.


IMBA Nuggets


We are proud of the impact and reach that our sports programme has. Hundreds of kids attend weekly and voluntary coaches dedicate entire afternoons to imparting sports skills. The culminating result of all this is our flagship IMBA Nuggets Team which has regular outings in the Chitungwiza Amateur Football League.

Play on!

Besides football, basketball and volleyball we are offering netball, chess and introductory gymnastics. Some of the equipment intensive sports that we would like to expand into include cricket, rugby, field hockey and martial arts. All sorts of dance, ranging from traditional to modern are very popular as well. We are always sourcing used and unused sports outfits and shoes, so feel free to contact us if you have any left!


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We are running a holistic programme of arts and creative classes that include painting, drawing, portraiture, poetry and writing.


Art is an amazing tool for children’s personal and professional development.


​It increases social participation and can aid in the connectivity of children that find it challenging to socialize freely with their peers.

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Creativity is one of the underpinning prerequisites of entrepreneurship and so we strive to give children the tools that will enable them to formulate their ambitions even more correlatively to their own intrinsic motivations and the society in which they will materialise.


For some inspiration comes abundantly. We ran into one such composer who gave us beautiful insights into the musical mind, its traditional relevance to people and also how in Shona the name Imba also means “to sing”. I​n light of this very recent discovery we thought it was coincidental that we were also moving into a much deeper cycle of musical programming as part of our new arts objectives.

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Expressive nature

Music is a cathartic outlet for many of life’s most challenging facets. It helps us to get by when horizons seem far, whether you’re playing, singing or just listening.

Our music programme focusses on the expressive nature in the power of music as an artistic social facilitator of friendship building.

We recognize how relevant it can be to share its bountiful blessings in the creating, appreciation and benefit deriving from.

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