• Agricultural activities @ IMBA contribute towards our self-sustainability whilst providing hands-on training

In order to firmly overcome our funding requirements we have seen it fit to embark on a commercialized path that utilizes smart partnerships with entrepreneurs, artists and the public’s propensity to consume on a daily basis

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In Zimbabwe we are running a franchise concept where local entrepreneurs hire our poultry, farming and grinding facilities on a profit sharing basis, whilst training local community members income generating skills.

Vital financial resources

Vital financial resources

In addition to providing hands-on training opportunities for participants in our self help programmes , our vegetable produce, meat, eggs, grinding mill service, crafts and sculpture sales have successfully earned us vital financial resources to continue operating our core programmes and activities.


Seeking to make further significant contributions to our sustainability through heightened commercial activity locally and internationally, we are continually investigating new strategic partnerships.

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You are only just a click away.. from catalyzing self sustenance for IMBA and her beneficiaries!

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